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Anti Fog film applied to a mirror

Anti fog film applied to a Cooled display counter.

Treated & Untreated area of a Windscreen

Shades Anti Fog / Anti Mist / Anti Condensation Film
This special film, which can be applied to glass or plastic and is guaranteed to give clear vision through the applied area.

The special Film coating causes any condensation moisture to spread into an invisible even layer permitting anything behind to be viewed almost as normal. In a similar untreated area any condensation moisture would form into drops which serve to obscure anything behind the non film area.

Shades Anti-Fog / Anti Condensation film is guaranteed to be long lasting and will retain its anti misting proberties even with regular cleaning - no special cleaning is required,

Like other films, its application will help to keep the glass together when broken or damaged ie reduce any glass or mirror shards.

Shades clear Anti Fog / Anti Condensation film does not crack, peel or discolour from exposure to sunlight, the coating does not however, absorb enough UV light to protect sensitive plastics from yellowing

Examples of uses for Shades Anti Fog Film

  • Shop windows.

  • Vehicle & Lorry windows

  • Refrigerated display cases in shops

  • Any form of Goggles or Visors eg motorcycle, Safety / Ski and even diving masks

  • Bathroom mirrors, shower doors

  • Swimming Pool enclosures, saunas.

  • The coating will also protect sensitive plastics from solvent attack although it may be permeated by some solvent vapours if the exposure time is extended

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