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Shades Security Film
Glazed areas are the weakest point of a building and is therefore vulnerable to terroists, burgulars, vandals & storm damage.

Optically clear, tough security film creates an invisible barrier which holds glass in place following an impact. Effectively protecting and guarding property and contents and detering unwanted guests at the same time.

SHADES Safety Films
Shades Window Films offer a wide range of Safety / security protection for all types of glazing.

Safety / security films are widely used to prevent broken & flying shards of glass injuring employees, customers & damaging property.

Safety / Security film is a cost effective way to protect your interests from explosions 24hrs a day.

All of shades safety / security films are fully tested and conform to BS6206, class A, B & C. These films come in various sizes and thicknesses (4, 7, 8, 12 & 14mm).

Safety Film & Children

These films are made from optical quality polyester,  high grade ultra violet inhibitors and using laminating and mounting adhesives which lead to an exceptionally tough film.

Windows are the weakest point in any building, installing Shades security film is a cost effective way to upgrade your glazing to ‘class A’ requirements.

Glass is widely used to add functionality and a pleasing aesthetic look to buildings. It is also the material, which is most vulnerable to destruction and most hazardous when shattered.

Glazed areas are the weakest point in a building and is vulnerable from vandals, burgulars, terroists and extreme weather.

Our optically clear, super tough film creates a barrier which holds glass firmly in place after an impact!

Our window films help to minimize these characteristics.

* Protects people
* Offers an Invisible barrier
* Reduces injuries
* Protects property
* Provides explosion protection
* Minimises damage
* Maintains business continuity
* Deters smash & grab
* Available in many colours

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