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Window tint technology helps businesses to save money

Window tinting has come a long way from being primarily used for reducing light. The revolution of tint has resulted in many extra benefits for both individuals and businesses.

Many innovative products are now available that offer security, insulation, privacy and visual enhancement.

Shades Window Films, a Swindon based tinting company,  has over ten years experience solving all glass related problems with their advanced window films.

With the changes in weather from Global warming a hot summer will become a regular occurance. A business premise that has air conditioning can reduce its running costs as well as improving office conditions by the use of the correct window film.

Fuel costs, as we all know, will not go down, so the use of specialised Window Films can assist in retaining heat in offices during those colder Winter days. This will aid your business in keeping its day to day running costs down to keep it competative in its market place.

We often hear of business premises suffering break ins, the use of a window film can make window breakins a much reduced occurance. A film that businesses are turning to, to aid prevention of burgulary and vandalism is 'Glass-Gard', which improves security through its anti-shatter properties.

The range also includes 'Sun-Gard' tint that filters out ultra-viotlet rays, reduces fading or sun damage to goods on display, and most importantly, reduces the heat transfer into the premises.

Shades, also carries out professional installations on site, to ensure optimum performance of the material,

Contact Shades Window Films for costings and their assesment of the benefits that are available for your premises.

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