conservatory roof window film

Here is a recent install of our Grey/Silver 10 conservatory roof window film.

This type of window film is perfect for conservatory windows and roofs as it rejects solar heat gains.

In the cooler months, it offers added insulation by helping retain more heat inside. Consequently, it limits the amount of heat lost through the roof and windows.

Further, it prevents heat build-up by reflecting the suns heat away. It also significantly reduces both infra-red and ultra-violet rays, a major cause of fading on furniture, carpets and curtains.

An application will provide years of comfort. Most importantly, it is guaranteed for up to 7 years when installed by Shades.

Finally, it’s relatively inexpensive and more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to other alternatives, like blinds or curtains.

Find out more about our range of conservatory roof window film here.