Bomb / Blast Proof Window Film

Our Bomb / Blast Proof Window Film will significantly reduce the risk of danger to both staff and premises in the event of a blast.

This clear, scratch-resistant window film helps prevent fractured glass from shattering. By doing so, it reduces the risk of injury to the occupants, passers-by, property and contents. 

All of our window films are available in a wide variety of colours and can be combined with other types of films for added protection. For example: solar, privacy, anti-glare and anti-fog films. 

All of our films are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty and once applied the glazing will meet the standard BS EN 12600.

Bomb / Blast Proof Window Film
Bomb / Blast Proof Window Film

The Benefits of Bomb / Blast Proof Window Film

  • Virtually invisible – does not reduce light transmission

  • Reduce risks of damage by vandalism, break-ins, riots and accidents

  • Especially effective against spontaneous shattering of large overhead glass panels

  • Fully tested and certified to British Standards – BS EN 12600

  • Effective bomb blast and safety protection

  • Long wear, scratch resistant and durable

  • Can be applied to almost all single or double glazed windows

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As well as Bomb / Blast Proof Window Film, we can also supply and fit a complete range of safety and security window film.