Solar Control Window Film is used to tackle problems with heat and glare.

For example, in summer a conservatory can be unbearable whilst in an office it can have an effect on productivity. Further, it can can cause and glare discomfort to the eyes.

Fiiting blinds or curtains will compromises the view and lead to fading of contents and furnishings. On the other hand, a more subtle and effective option is to install solar contol window film.

This type of window film will combat sever solar gains. Most importantly, it also blocks up to 99% ultraviolet light (UV)

Our range of solar control window film.

Reflective Window Film – Internal – best performing films in the solar control range

Low Mirror Window Film – Internal – a lower reflectance of other types but still offer a good level of solar heat and glare control.

Coloured Window Film – Internal – a decorative appeal whilst still offering maximum heat and glare rejection.

Reflective Window Film – External – weather resistant and used when inside access is not always possible or depending on the type of glass.

Low Mirror Window Film – External – Used when you want a more neutral tinted appearance, rather than the mirrored look of solar reflective films.

Solar Control – Polycarbonate – Used for polycarbonate windows or rooflights.

If you would like more technical information on our range of window films, take a look at our datasheets.

Window Films are available in a variety of finishes and colours. Ours come with a 7-year guarantee and we can show you a range of samples before you decide which ones right for you.

We have 23 years experience in the window film business, so rest assured that you’ll be in good hands from start to finish.

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If you would like more technical information on our range of window films, take a look at our datasheets.